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about us

Weatherman HVAC offers a variety of services. Install, maintain and repair heating, ventilation, and cooling units for customers. Diagnose and repair of electronic, mechanical and electrical components of systems. Diagnose diverse service issues, obtain any replacement parts, calibrate system to manufacturer’s recommendations, and explain fully to customer what the issue is and what is needed to correct. 


Weatherman HVAC performs preventive maintenance, equipment repair, consulting, estimates, new installation of equipment, ductwork repairs, replacements, and indoor air quality options.


Weatherman HVAC is a fully-licensed and insured limited liability company owned by J. Steve Florian. Steve began his career in the HVAC industry in 1998. Steve holds a high-level tradesman licenses, as a Master HVAC and is EPA/CFC Certified. Steve is well respected in the HVAC community and is an expert in his field.

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